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EcoCabins was founded by the desire to combine two ideals. The great ideal to create a world without fossil energy and the personal ideal to offer housing solutions for a target group that prefers to live small, however does not want to be tucked away in a flat. A sustainable tiny home. With our sustainable homes and / or tiny houses, we demonstrate that things can be done differently in residential construction and in this way we try to accelerate the transition from fossil energy to a sustainable alternative in residential construction. After all, a world without fossil energy not only improves the air quality, but also helps a country to become more energy independent and will lead to more innovation. From this dream we started EcoCabins.


We aim to continuously develop and innovate the EcoCabins, until the EcoCabins are 100% sustainable and circular. However one of the requirements is, that the EcoCabins remain affordable. We cooperate with Dutch Technology Universities, to realize our ambition: to develop circular homes that are both sustainable during manufacturing, sustainable in use and sustainable in recycling.


Jeroen Metselaar

Jeroen is the founder of EcoCabins. The recreational sector is in his heart and soul. For many years he has been the driving force behind the success of Camping “De Lakens” in Bloemendaal. Due to his experience, he knows all the ins and outs of the sector, their desire and requirements and it made him aware that the development of sustainable, self-sufficient small living units is a great wish from end users.

Gertjan Hoffer

Gertjan has a background in business administration at Nyenrode University and is an experienced entrepreneur. He successfully founded and managed an investment fund , which he build from scratch to around 20 participations (all Dutch SMEs). Since 2018, he has focused entirely on the further development of EcoCabins, with the aim of accelerating the development towards sustainable living and recreation.

Daniel Hoffer

With a background in International Relations, Daniel now fully devotes himself to Tiny Houses after previous employment with a health insurer and HR consultancy. Daniel is a true all-rounder who at EcoCabins is mainly concerned with marketing and business development, but also has a strong interest in the further development and application of innovative techniques and installations in the tiny houses of EcoCabins in order to contribute to the sustainability of the housing market, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Erling Siebesma

Erling has been working in business development with passion and energy for many years. During his studies, in 1998, he started working at ABN AMRO. “Learning on the job” he completed his studies in the evenings, and started his career in Private Banking at ABN AMRO MeesPierson. Subsequently, he switched to raising capital for Private Equity Investments for SMEs. Gertjan and Erling have been working together with pleasure since 2008. Erling has been a permanent member of the EcoCabins team since 2019.

Alex Meerkerk

Alex has put his engineering business studies into practice with various quality manager positions in the pharmaceutical industry. For the past 10 years he has been co-leading PUM, an international advisory organization for SMEs, where he was responsible for strategy, innovation, CSR and the relationship with various governmental bodies. At EcoCabins, Alex wants to make a direct contribution to a more sustainable and flexible housing market, while at the same time increasing the living pleasure of residents of compact homes. Alex easily changes from helicopter view to practical interpretation and at EcoCabins, among other things, is involved in developing projects together with partners.


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