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EcoCabins is a producer of tiny houses intended for permanent residence. The completely pre-fabricated (Prefab) wooden homes, comply with the Dutch building decree 2019. They are affordable and feature a low footprint. Design does not have to be expensive. EcoCabins are comfortable homes, combined with: as many natural materials as possible, a high insulation value and technical installations for sustainable purposes. By using the sun, the wind and the best insulation you will enjoy a green investment.

Timber construction

The advantages of building with wood are countless: wood is light, flexible, insulates well, quicker to build and more efficiently. Timber construction also offers a solution for many of our current problems. It stores CO2, and an increasing demand for timber will lead to better forest management and to the planting of more forests. Wood is also fireproof and is cost-competitive with traditional building methods, by prefabrication and automation. A well-designed wooden house has a very long service life.

Discover our Tiny Houses

From a small 25m2 to a spacious 50m2 TinyVilla

All EcoCabins are delivered Plug and Play (turn key). So carefree. Upon arrival, the EcoCabins are connected to utilities and with a turn of the key they are move-in ready.  


An ecological tiny house or tiny office is constructed as much as possible from sustainable and natural materials, such as wood and mineral wool. Sustainable in production, sustainable in processing and sustainable in (re) use and of course with a long lifespan of at least 70 years!. All EcoCabins feature a high insulation value, are produced with sustainable and / or natural materials whenever possible and have “round corners” as a striking external feature, enabled by the specific use of material.


EcoCabins support structures are made of wood. Wood is sustainable and fully recyclable.

100% FSC-certified

By replacing wood and steel by FSC-wood the CO2 emissions in the building sector can be decreased by 30%.

Glass wool insulation

The combination of glass wool with a timber frame construction gives an energy-efficient home.

Infrared floor heating

Infrared floor heating fits perfectly with our well isolated houses: sustainable, electrical and affordable.

Natural finish

The exterior finish can vary per EcoCabin model from thermical shell till a natural wooden finish.

Triple glass

All houses come standard with triple glass (HR+++), therefore comfortable, quiet and sustainable.

Solar panels

Solar panels can be integrated in the roof, 14 upto 28 solar panels of 325Wp or higher.

100% electrical

All houses have a high insulation value, are (almost) energy neutral and 100% electrical.

Get Social #TinyVilla

Get Social #TinyVilla

Between 12 and 16 December 2019 the #TinyVilla was exhibited at the Masters of LXRY at the RAI Amsterdam, where we won the award for most sustainable stand.
From March 2020 the #TinyVilla will be placed at Basecamp IJmuiden available for weekend or midweek rental.

Why EcoCabins


All EcoCabins are of high quality and affordable. Buy with minimal mortgage costs or rent in the middle rent. This leaves you more time and resources for freedom, free time and fun things.


Minimal footprint

A small house means “get rid off redundant stuff.” Less stuff and more freedom in your head. All EcoCabins have high insulation values and are (almost) energy neutral. So not only cheap, but also sustainable!

Off grid

All EcoCabins can sustain fine without a gas connection. With your own water collection, water treatment plant, solar panels and heat pump, off grid is feasible. Not necessary, but possible. It is up to you.

Long life span

Due to the high quality and good insulation, the homes offer a lot of comfort, are habitable all year round and have a long life span of at least 70 years. An ideal home with a low mortgage or with an excellent return on rental. The EcoCabin is designed for simplicity, but the result is appealing. A smooth, super-insulated body with distinctive curves supplemented with a maximum of windows.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play stands for immediate and user-friendly operation. Do not waste time on manual settings before first use. Connect and ready. Turnkey is also called key ready. If a home is delivered ‘key-ready’, in principle nothing more needs to be done. The definition of turnkey delivery differs per supplier, for example: whether or not floor or wall finishes. At EcoCabins, turnkey means really ready to move-in. You only have to insert your furniture.

Interior Design

However if you do not wish to spent time thinking about the interior and curious how an interior designer deals with a tiny house? We have had a number of EcoCabins arranged by a design team. These devices are affordable full of smart design. You only have to choose. EcoCabins works with Studio Robin Sluijzer in Amsterdam, among others.