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Eco MyHome

EcoCabins is currently developing the ECO MYHOME. This model meets the enormous need for affordable homes for single-person households. Traditional construction can hardly meet this demand, among other things due to the nitrogen crisis and a shortage of people and material. Prefab timber construction is the solution for this. Our ECO MYHOME is delivered practically emission-free, can be moved, meets the building regulations and has a lifespan of at least 80 years.

Eco MyVillage

The ECO MYHOME can be supplied as a complete residential area, ECO MYVILLAGE. This neighbourhood can be used as a flexible layer by developers and corporations. However, ECO MYVILLAGE can also be realized quickly as a permanent residential area with social rental homes and / or starter homes. The ECO MYHOMES are sustainable and almost entirely constructed with wood. This gives an ECO MYVILLAGE the material and appearance of the future for the largest growth market of the future. An ECO MYVILLAGE forms an aesthetically harmonious whole and can be supplied with various off-grid solutions.

“Never waste a good crisis”

  • There is a large shortage of social rental and starter homes in the Netherlands. In the Randstad, only 2% of the housing supply is below € 150,000. This is also the maximum mortgage that you can get as a single-income earner with an average income. The waiting time for a social rental home is more than 10 years in various cities. However the number of single-person households will continue to increase to 3.5 million in 2050;
  • Forecasts indicate that the demand will be higher than the supply for a long time to come. As a result, the expected vacancy when renting is minimal;
  • Prefab timber construction is the solution for current construction problems and the construction method of the future;
  • Investing in an ECO MYVILLAGE delivers an estimated stable return of 5-10% with a low risk profile;
  • With its factory in Latvia, EcoCabins offers ample production capacity and an excellent price / quality ratio.

“As a single person, I have no chance in the housing market, both rent and purchase”

“I have been registered for eight years now and am actually still without a chance. Also for private rental houses ”

The ECO MYHOME is a fully-fledged affordable home and is fully equipped. Not a house but a home. The use of wood provides a beautiful and pleasant living environment. You live in a house where sustainable materials are used as much as possible. With a roof full of solar panels you largely provide your own energy supply. 

  • The ECO MYHOME complies with the building decree and can be installed practically emission-free. The house is fully prefabricated in the factory and is therefore installed in no time and with a minimum number of traffic movements.
  • Timber construction provides CO2 storage, while cement & concrete are responsible for 8% of the worldwide annual CO2 emissions. 
  • EcoCabins not only provides a series of individual houses but an ECO MYVILLAGE. The houses form a harmonious whole. Joint facilities for energy, mobility and social cohesion can be integrated in our neighbourhood concept.

“The main part of the housing assignment is in the next ten or fifteen years.” 

And that growth is only single-person households. By building with wood, we actually create a CO2 storage. The housing challenge facing The Netherlands can at the same time contribute to fight climate change.

Get Social #TinyVilla

Get Social #TinyVilla

Between 12 and 16 December 2019 the #TinyVilla was exhibited at the Masters of LXRY at the RAI Amsterdam, where we won the award for most sustainable stand.
From March 2020 the #TinyVilla will be placed at Basecamp IJmuiden available for weekend or midweek rental.


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