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The first “Tiny Practice”, a tiny 50 square meter general practice, was delivered in February 2020 in Emmen, the Netherlands. The general practitioner (GP) of the future works digital. The #TinyPractice facilitates the GP. While many general practices in cities are becoming major medical centers, the shortage among general practitioners is asking for a digital alternative: EcoCabins has a serious solution; the digital general practice 2.0 otherwise known as the #TinyPractice.

General practice 2.0

The general practice of the future almost works completely digitally. Despite that a practitioners work is mostly human work, the result is that fewer assistants are needed and less space in real estate is required. Patients schedule their appointments themselves via a portal, they make video calls to their doctor and ask questions online. This facilitates flexibility for the GP. And in the local care center located in the TinyPractice patients can come for a consultation.

The TinyPractice has it all!

The prefabricated and turnkey delivered #TinyPractice from EcoCabins is the perfect addition for the digital “general practise 2.0”. The TinyPractice has everything the modern GP needs. A covered outdoor area, a waiting room with a public toilet, a storage room with a lab function, a toilet for the caregivers, an examination room including kitchenette for the assistant and finally the GP’s room, including examination lamp, kitchenette and office for the GP or caregiver.

The #TinyPractice was developed on behalf of and in close consultation with medical specialists. The #TinyPractice is placed in villages and can be used by various care providers. Especially if real estate options are limited. If the practice is needed somewhere else it can easily be relocated elsewhere.

Get Social #TinyVilla

Get Social #TinyVilla

Van 12 tot 16 december 2019 stond de #TinyVilla op de Masters of LXRY in de RAI in Amsterdam, waar we de award voor meest duurzame stand voor hebben ontvangen.
Vanaf maart 2020 wordt de #TinyVilla verhuurd via Basecamp IJmuiden.

Solution for the shortage of general practitioners?

Is the “practice 2.0” the solution for the shortage of GP’s in the region? No, it is not the entire solution, but it is one of the ways to make practices that are struggling to find successors attractive to young starting GP’s or as a solution instead of expensive real estate. The combination of digital working, self-reliance of patients and local Tiny Practices are the prelude to the digital general practise 2.0, the GP of the future!