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Tiny Villa 60

with front porch

€127.000 ex VAT


Tiny Villa 60 with front porch

The Tiny Villa 60 – is a tiny house which cannot be called a tiny house anymore, so we called it the Tiny Villa. The Tiny Villa 60 with veranda is a compact, wooden prefab house of 50m2 with covered LED-lighted outdoor area of approximately 10m2. This way you can sit outside and enjoy nature even in less pleasant weather. This fully-fledged house is fully equipped and can be delivered for permanent residence in accordance with the Building Decree if desired. EcoCabins builds robust wooden houses that are energy efficient and affordable.

DIMENSION 5m x 12m


BASIC PRICE €127.000

€127.000 ex VAT

Ex transport, prices only apply to the Netherlands


Width 5m

Length 12m

Height 3,9m

Surface 60 m2

Turn Key delivery

All the compact homes of EcoCabins are supplied with a plug & play philosophy. The houses are completely prefabricated and transported finished completely towards the location of choice. On location, the wooden houses are placed on the foundation by means of crane. The foundation usually consists of Stelcon plates or screw piles.

Materials Exterior

The exterior is made of Siberian larch wood with integrated rainwater drainage and solar panels (optional). With regard to the color of the outside, you can choose from various RAL colors or wood oils.

Interior finish

Our houses are delivered with standards like:

– Triple glass (A+++)

– Eletric floor heating

– Kitchen + appliances (induction hub, fridge, microwave)

– Bathroom with walk-in shower, toilet and sink.

– Washing machine connection at a location of choice


The EcoCabins #TinyVilla 60 has a production time of 16-20 weeks.


The Tiny Villa 60 is transported by truck. The width of 5 meters makes the accessibility of the truck important on the location of choice. The house is placed from the truck on the foundation by crane.


Tiny Villa 60 with front porch Plan A

Tiny Villa 60 with front porch Plan B

Tiny Villa 60 with front porch Plan C

Tiny Villa 60 with front porch Plan D



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